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Meetings in the MailBox

Everything You Need. In the Mail.


When bringing us in isn’t the best fit.


If bringing us in to deliver an experience doesn’t meet your current needs, a Meeting in the Mailbox is the perfect solution for you.

A Meeting in the Mailbox includes all the materials you need to run an interactive learning experience yourself. They leverage the same experience design know-how that makes Wolf & Heron’s approach so unique.


They’re perfect for a lunch-and-learn.



Designed for 60-minute meetings.



Meetings are designed to comfortably flex with participation. You need at least 3 participants, but can have as many as 3000 at once!



No need to be an expert facilitator. The guides make running the meeting easy and straightforward.


Our Topics

Build Your Library of Content


Click on the topics below to learn more about each kit.

All purchases include an optional 1-hour consultation.

Topics are currently in development and will be added to this website as they become available. If you’re interested in a topic not yet listed, let us know!


Interested in a topic you don’t see?

We will work with you to create a kit on a topic or piece of content you have in mind.



In Every Box


The specific materials for each topic differ, but the general components remain the same.


Facilitator Materials

Every facilitator is armed with a Facilitator Guide that orients them to the materials, offers suggestions on how to manage logistics, and provides tips on how to shorten or lengthen the experience for time constraints.


Room Materials

On occasion, kits include Room Materials designed to facilitate an activity that involves everyone together. This can help switch up the energy by encouraging people to move to other parts of the room, mix with different people, etc.


Table Materials 

Table Materials are designed for groups of 5–6 participants seated around a table. The Table Materials include information, discussion questions, and any additional materials necessary for participants to explore, process, and integrate the information.


Participant Materials

Participants receive single-use materials to use throughout the experience for taking notes and further exploration of the information.

These materials also serve as individual takeaways, providing a beautifully designed summary of all the information explored during the experience.

Recommend one per facilitator.

Recommend one per rollout location.

Recommend one set for every 6 participants in the experience.

Recommend one for every participant. Sold in sets of 6 to match to Table Materials.


Custom Quantities or Bulk Orders

If you’re not sure of the quantities you should purchase or you’re interested in bulk-order discounts, let’s discuss what’s right for you!


Frequently Asked Questions



+ What problem does a Meeting in the Mailbox (MITM) solve for me?

Our Meetings in the Mailbox TM are portable learning experiences that solve a few problems for you.

  1. You don’t need to develop your own curriculum.
  2. The learning experiences are fun, interactive, and they work.
  3. The materials ensure that each time you run the learning experience, the takeaways are consistent even though the audience may be different.

+ Who is the intended customer for an MITM?

HR and Learning & Development teams looking for quick ways to offer interesting professional development, Employee Resource Groups, Business Leader groups, and Meetup Groups that focus on professional development are all great candidates. If you represent a group of people that likes to participate in interactive learning experiences, an MITM is a great fit!

+ Who is the intended audience for MITM experiences?

Materials are targeted for Individual Contributors, Inexperienced People Leaders, or Experienced People Leaders. The specific audience for each topic is highlighted in the product description. If there is more than one relevant audience, the facilitator guide will contain tips and tricks for how to adapt the experience in the moment for whichever audience you have. Some do offer facilitation suggestions for individual contributors vs people managers.

+ What makes an MITM better than other professional development offerings in the marketplace?

All the MITM experiences are designed to ensure that participants are active agents in the learning experience, and not passive absorbers. Our experiences are designed to be led by the participants themselves; rather than a facilitator posing a question, the materials on the table offer the questions, and the participants must discuss their answers with each other. To ensure the learning is consistent and predictable, the facilitator has periodic opportunities to check that the main learning objectives are met.

From a learning design perspective, allowing participants to control the pace of the information discovery encourages them to take ownership of the learning, increases the experiential nature of the meeting, increases information retention, and reduces the burden of expertise on the facilitator.

+ Can some of my participants be digital?

Research shows that the best way to learn is to be involved. All the learning moments are designed to be active, in-person experiences. We do have digital supplements available on an as-needed basis for an additional fee.

[Contact us][1] if this is relevant for you.

+ I’m not an experienced facilitator, is this for me?

Our Facilitator Guides are robust and keep all facilitation experience levels in mind. As the facilitator, your main job is to familiarize yourself ahead of time with the materials and how to use them so that in the experience, the materials do most of the work for you. The Facilitator Guide tells you everything you need to know to prepare, confidently distribute the materials, guide the timing, and debrief the conversations.

+ I am an advanced facilitator, is this for me?

Yes. Our Facilitator Guides are designed to flex to your level of sophistication. For experienced facilitators, the guide offers optional “Pro Tips” which suggest ways to share your own insights, add additional activities or learning moments, and flex your facilitation skills.

+ I’m not sure if this is right for my organization, can I get more info?

Definitely! The best way to get a sense for an MITM experience is to purchase a Facilitator Guide for the topic you’re interested in. The Guide includes all the information about how the materials work together, the discussions the participants will have, and the activities that are contained within the experience.

Beyond that, we’re always happy to chat. Set up a call.

+ I love this approach, but I don’t see the topic I want. Can you build it for me?

Yes! If you already have in mind exactly what you want participants to learn, and the content you’d like us to turn into an interactive learning experience, we can get something to you in about 6 weeks.

If you have a more general idea of what you want, we can work with you to determine the best content to include. We love building custom experiences, and would welcome the opportunity to build one for you.


Materials, Price, Quantities

+ How do the materials work? I can’t picture it.

The materials are critical components of the MITM because they engineer the experiential nature of the learning, and encourage participants to be involved.

MITM materials are designed to be used in a room set up with pod-style tables. Facilitators can choose to run the learning experience for a single table group of at least 3 people all the way up to many tables at a time.

Here's an example of what a table group generally looks like:

alt text

+ Why do the prices of similar materials across different MITM topics vary?

Each topic is uniquely suited to the content and subsequently so are its materials. The prices reflect the unique material components.

+ I’ve picked an MITM topic. How do I determine what materials I should buy?

Materials for a topic are intended to work together as a set. We sell material components separately to account for differences in group sizes.

Facilitator, Room, and Table Materials are reusable. You only have to purchase them once, and you can use them repeatedly with new audiences over time.

Participant Materials are intended for participants to write on and take with them when they leave. You will want to replenish these materials as you bring in additional audiences or run additional meetings.

+ What quantities should I order?

Reusable Materials

  • Facilitator Guides = Total Anticipated No. of Facilitators
  • Room Materials = No. of Meeting Rooms (1 needed for a single location, 2 needed to have materials at 2 different regional offices, for example)
  • Table Materials = No. of Tables of 5-6 Participants at one time

Single-use Materials

  • Participant Materials = Total Anticipated No. of Participants across all planned meetings

If you would like assistance determining quantities, we’ll happily talk you through it. Set up a call.

+ Do you offer discounts on large orders?

Yes. Bulk pricing is available for large quantities. Reach out for more information.



+ Can I brand the materials with my company logo?

Our designers will be happy to seamlessly brand all the materials to your company brand standards. Contact us for this service.

+ Can I photocopy the materials?

As per the Terms of Use, reproduction of all materials is prohibited.

+ Who owns the Intellectual Property?

Our MITM experiences are expressly owned by Wolf & Heron. With the purchase of the materials, you are authorized to run the experience within your organization as many times as you'd like. Purchase does not constitute a license agreement, and you may not sell the materials, or participation in the experience to others.