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We build inspired organizations.


Building an Inspired Organization Requires …

Aligned Leadership


Your Challenge

  • Your leadership team has too many priorities.

  • Each functional department operates as a silo.

  • Leadership doesn’t have time to thoughtfully reflect.

  • You’re planning a team retreat, and you’re not sure how to make sure it’ll be time well spent.

What You Need

Leaders must be aligned on the priorities, objectives, and vision of the business to effectively lead.

We design and facilitate retreats with your leadership teams to align on the vision, mission, and/or strategic plan of your business.

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Motivated Employees


Your Challenge

  • Morale is low.

  • People don’t understand the big picture.

  • Collaboration is ineffective.

  • Employees don’t know how to contribute.

  • Individual contributors aren’t behaving like owners of the business.

What You Need

Employees are motivated when they understand how they can contribute to the priorities, objectives, and vision of the business, and they know their contribution matters.

We engage your employees in a story that connects the dots between their role, their contribution, and the big picture so they understand their individual importance and are motivated to be involved.

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Uplifting Leaders: Leadership Development Workshops + Training


Your Challenge

  • Managers rely on title or expertise to compel their team members.

  • Hierarchy and title matter more than ideas.

  • People feel disempowered.

  • Turnover is high.

What You Need

Leaders at all levels need to activate the discretionary effort of their team and keep their employees motivated to drive the priorities, objectives, and vision of the business.

We train your people in the skills of inspiration. Our Fundamentals of Inspiration and Influential Storytelling workshops are our most popular.

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Could your organization be more inspired? 


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