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Transforming people into inspirational leaders

Leadership Coaching

Tailored Attention


One-on-one coaching is the most customized and tailored way we transform people into inspirational leaders.

Our coachees embark on a journey that carries them toward being proactive, purposeful, and authentic leaders.


Our Approach

With each individual, we start with a holistic look at his WorkLife and develop a tailored development plan together. We leverage tools from many of our turnkey experiences and act as accountability partners, champions, and thought partners.

We can work with each coachee individually, or in partnership with her manager.


Who to coach

We see the best return on investment when coaching is positioned as a privilege for your high-potential talent. Consider the strongest candidates on your leadership bench, and imagine what they could be and do with some focused support.


Reach out!

Increase the influence of your leaders with tailored nurturing.

Let us know what your needs are and we’ll design a program that works for you.


"I had an incredible journey with Stephanie. She helped me to clarify and set straight my life priorities. Now I know that I'm doing what's most important to me first and am able to be much more productive and relaxed."

-- Oxana M, Fashion Designer, Tokyo