Super Powers of an Influential Storyteller

Super Powers of an Influential Storyteller

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Participants explore the science of influence and the art of designing and telling a compelling story. Then, with that understanding, they practice telling a story that will influence their audience and get them a step closer to buy-in, engagement, or investment.


  • Explore what makes stories a tool for influence.

  • Apply the super powers to personal stories.

  • Develop relationships with colleagues and peers.

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Facilitator Materials

Purchase for each facilitator you plan to have run a meeting.

  • Facilitator Guide

Table Materials

You need one set of table materials for every group of 5–6 people that sit around a table together. These materials are reusable, so you only need to buy them once!

  • Table Discussion Guide

Participant Materials

Every participant will need a set of these single-use materials to use during the experience. Materials are sold in sets of 6.

  • Participant Workbook

  • Partner Feedback Form


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Meeting Flow


05 min


  • Orient participants to the meeting.

  • Establish role expectations.

  • Set context and goals.

  • Experience a story together.

15 min

Explore the Super Powers

  • Discuss the art and science of influence.

  • Discover the four super powers of influential storytelling.

10 min

Let’s Practice: On Your Own

  • Work independently to turn a personal story into a tool for influence.

20 min

Let’s Practice: With a Partner

  • Work in partnerships or small groups to practice and refine stories.

05 min

Wrap Up and Close

  • Complete the experience.

  • Share takeaways.

  • Explore next steps.