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Transforming people into inspirational leaders

Maximize personal and professional growth.


Tailored Attention


Our Approach


Emotional and intellectual support as you transform into an influential leader.

One-on-one coaching gives you customized, personally tailored feedback and support. We help you define, clarify, and achieve your goals so you can live a life with purpose, intention, and focus.

We ensure you step toward the fullest version of yourself as a courageous, positive, authentic leader who can effectively influence others.


What’s in it for you?

  • A brainstorming and thought partner as you work through your challenges, whether at work or in other areas of your life.

  • Laser-like focus on growth areas of interest.

  • Rigorous accountability and regular check-ins.

  • Access to our unique coaching tools on leadership, career ownership, and work/life balance.


not sure?

Request a free 45-minute session to experience the benefits.




Single Session

Not looking for a long-term engagement, but could use a coach’s perspective? Schedule a single 1-hour session.

3 Months

Six 1-hour sessions, scheduled at your convenience over the course of three months.

6 months

Twelve 1-hour sessions, scheduled at your convenience over the course of six months.


“Stephanie’s thorough commitment and thoughtful questions helped me construct a better understanding of myself and my situation, and from there I was better able to focus and prioritize my decisions.”

Benjamin Simatos
Investment Banker & Entrepreneur


“Thank you Kara! The one-on-one coaching sessions throughout our work together were amazingly helpful to me - to gain perspective, clarity and dive deeper. I feel confident in living a life more aligned with own values and goals.”