People only change how they think and act if they come to their own conclusions about who they need to be and what they need to do differently. Our experiences are designed to guide people to their own conclusions about the kind of leader they aspire to be, and provide them with the tools and skills they need to be successful, irrespective of where they sit on the authority totem pole. Our content serves three different audiences: professionals who need to lead through influence rather than authority, early- and mid-career professionals who may not have that official title yet, and women in the workplace.

Lead through Influence

Early- and Mid-Career

Women in the Workplace

Lead Through Influence

Ideal for organizations with employees who need to lead through influence (rather than authority). Designed for all levels of leadership. 

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The Influencer's Toolkit

To have any kind of impact we need influence. Based on research into the qualities of influential people, the subconscious mind, social change, and human behavior, the Influencer's Toolkit provides your team members with tips and tricks to be more influential. Participants evaluate their own levels of influence and develop actionable plans to build their influence capital.

Present yourself to the nines, and make people believe you're the boss that you are.
Building Influential Connections

Influential people are well-networked and maintain high quality relationships. Participants explore what an influential “winner’s circle” looks like and discuss the characteristics of influential connections. They then take stock of their own social networks to determine how influential they are and establish a plan to expand their impact within or beyond their organization through the people they know.

The Super Powers of an Influential Storyteller

One of the most powerful ways to have an impact is through story. We explore the science of influence and the art of designing and telling a compelling story. Participants then use that understanding to plot out their own stories for impact and get them a step closer to buy-in, engagement or investment.

Early- and Mid-Career Professionals

Designed with early- and mid-career professionals in mind. Ideal for organizations looking to build a leadership mentality among their high-potentials.

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Crafting a Leadership Mindset

For early and mid-career professionals, developing "leadership" can feel like an unattainable goal without title or experience, but it doesn’t have to be. At this session, participants will uncover the keys to showing up as a leader - even without the formal power and authority of a title - and use those keys to develop a personal leadership mindset that they can put into place immediately to move forward with confidence, influence and presence.

Own Your Future

Organizations appreciate employees who take charge of their own development and careers. In this workshop, participants create a clear vision for their career based on what’s important to them and the difference they want to make at their organization. We break that vision into short and long-term action items that can easily integrate into an individual's routine.

Develop Your Brand

Our ability to show up authentically and powerfully impacts our productivity and engagement. In this experience, participants create a clear picture of how they want to live, work, and lead, and establish behaviors and routines that empower them to show up as the best versions of themselves.

Women in the Workplace

These experiences are designed for women's resource groups or conferences where women have the opportunity to find community amongst themselves and tackle the unique challenges they face as women in the workplace. Ideal for organizations looking to better support their female talent.

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Fight Your Confidence Killers

Women are notoriously recognized for not putting themselves out there as aggressively and successfully as men, which can greatly impact the culture of your organization and your ability to retain and develop stellar female talent. In this session, we explore Confidence Killers: what they are and how to stand up to them. Women leave feeling empowered and ready to step into the confidence they need to achieve success.

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Assert Yourself

Women are trained to be polite and quiet, and as a result, often find that their voices aren't heard or are overshadowed by their more assertive counterparts. In this session participants identify their unique comfort with being assertive, and explore information and examples on how to assert themselves
appropriately. Participants walk away with concrete ways to act confidently and use appropriate verbal and non-verbal cues that will ensure their ideas are noticed and heard.

Women for Women

This experience is designed to set a tone of mutual support and empowerment for the women participating. The group has the opportunity to discuss the relationships they have with other women in professional environments, and the unique dynamics they navigate. That framing then sets the context to co-create a set of aspirational Women-for-Women guiding principles that can be put into place to empower every woman in the room and the broader organization