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uplifting leaders

The Tools of Inspiration


Level up the skills of inspiration at your organization.


Fundamentals of Inspiration

Develop an understanding of the levers of inspiration available to you no matter your title.

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Influential Storytelling

Learn how to transform an anecdote into a story that will inspire your audience and lend you gravitas.

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Ready for your leaders to be more inspiring?


A unique approach

See the Difference


A preview of our uniquely interactive and engaging approach to teaching the skills of inspiration.


“I brought in Wolf & Heron for our strategic planning meeting to help us make the connection between storytelling and building internal support for our goals. Kara and Stephanie took the time to understand our team's agenda and connected their Influential Storytelling workshop to our goals to give us great ideas for how to use the tools of inspirational storytelling in our day-to-day roles at work.

The workshop was fun, challenging, and a great team-building experience.”

Laura, Strategy Lead, NSF International


Client Story


Future Delta Leaders

Delta Air Lines was interested in ensuring the development of a pipeline of inspiring leaders.

Wolf & Heron integrated the Fundamentals of Inspiration and Influential Storytelling workshops into their annual leadership development program for rising leaders.

Now Delta Air Lines can be sure their rising leaders understand both the privilege and responsibilities of being a leader within the organization, and can tell stories that inspire their teams.