Working with Higher Ed Institutions


We have adapted our experiences to the university environment for both undergraduate and graduate programs with great success. We work with Career Services departments, leadership development Institutes, and a variety of student clubs and organizations. Our programming has been offered as part of one-time student-organized conferences, and built into year-long extra-curricular programs that allow students the opportunity to explore, integrate, practice, and apply new skills to their immediate context.


Job Search Readiness

We prepare students to present themselves thoughtfully throughout the job-search process. Not only does this help students land their first jobs as they leave the university environment, it helps them find roles that are personally meaningful, setting them up for long-term success and fulfillment.

Recommended experiences include:


Early Career Leadership Skills

Though newly graduating students may not immediately move into people-leader roles, many leadership skills are still relevant. We offer programatic experiences that teach leadership skills that aren't typically offered as part of a core curriculum, and don't make sense to build into entire semester-long courses. These programs focus on the skills that can be applied in any position, irrespective of industry, role, or function.

Recommended topics include: