Super Powers of an Influential Storyteller

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No matter who you are, or what you’re trying to accomplish, you can do it bigger, better, and faster with people around you who support you… and gaining that support takes influence

Influence is one of the most important skills you can develop as an entrepreneur, leader, or change champion, and this workshop is designed to help you hone one of the most powerful skills of influence: storytelling.

As human beings, we are wired for stories.  What sets us apart from all other creatures on earth is our innate ability – no, NEED – to use stories to connect information and make it real.

Your ability to tell an influential story could be the key to elevating you and your contributions to the next level.

This workshop is designed for entrepreneurs, leaders, and change champions who are interested in developing their skills as influencers.  The workshop is most useful to participants who come with a specific influence objective and target in mind so that learning can be applied immediately, but anyone with an interest in influence is welcome!

The workshop exists in both short and long form.  Both versions are fun, interactive, rooted in the discipline of experiential learning, and grounded in academic research.

In the short-form workshop we explore the basic neuroscience of influence and storytelling, and where the two overlap.  We discover the four secret powers that a storyteller can use to make an anecdote into a tool for influence and change.

In the long-form workshop we take all the learning from the short-form version, and go deeper, provide more examples, and give you actionable feedback that you can apply directly to your own storytelling style. You walk away from the workshop with the ability to immediately integrate storytelling into your influence toolbox and tell a story that will impact your audience in a new way.

Explore and learn more using our handy set of resources as your guide.

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In one hour, I feel inspired, educated, and well... like I've found a superpower. Thank you!

-- Julie Mitchell, Science Teacher

"Team Building!"

I brought wolf & heron in for our strategy planning session to help us make the connection between storytelling and building internal support for our goals. Kara and Stephanie took the time to understand our team's agenda ahead of time and connected the workshop to our goals to give us some great ideas for how to use the Super Powers in our day-to-day roles at work. The workshop was fun, challenging, and gave us a great team building experience.

-- Laura Palombi, Sustainability Manager

"A path forward!"

After this workshop, I can envision a path to get to the Moth Stage.

-- Brian Schultz, Grad Student


The workshop was well-organized and impactful. The activities and built-in storytelling practice put the lessons into action right away.

-- Damian Zikakis, Dir. Career Services