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Super Powers of an Influential Storyteller


Our most popular experience.


Human beings are literally wired for story—some biologists even theorize that stories are what set us apart from all other creatures on Earth. Our brains process information in narrative form, and it is through story that we connect with each other and create community. Stories help us remember things because they control the flow of information, and if crafted well, they engage our emotions, which affects our decision-making.

Storytelling is one of the most important skills a leader can develop to inspire others. Your leaders’ ability to tell an influential story could be the key to elevating their impact to the next level.



The Look and Feel


Beautifully designed materials activate participant engagement and elevate the experience to reinforce the learning.


An interactive story and card activity allow for rich discussion and self-discovery of key information.


Individual worksheets guide the development and refinement of a personal story for influence.


Full-color takeaways for each participant reinforce key concepts and help retain the learning.



Choose What Works for You


The experience is available in a variety of formats.


Meeting in the Mailbox

Runtime: 60 minutes


  • Explore what makes stories a tool for influence.

  • Apply the Super Powers to personal stories.

  • Develop relationships with colleagues and peers.

Short Turnkey Experience

Runtime: 90 minutes


  • Experience an example of an influential story.

  • Explore the science of influence and the super powers of an influential story.

  • Apply the Super Powers to personal stories.

Long Turnkey Experience

Runtime: 4 hours


  • All the outcomes of the Short Turnkey Experience plus…

  • Dissect the elements of story structure as they relate to the Super Powers.

  • Explore and experiment with story delivery techniques to amplify influence effectiveness.

  • Receive actionable feedback on personal stories that can be applied immediately.


Runtime: TBD


  • Any combination of outcomes from any of the other formats.


How IT Comes to life

Sample Engagements


We deliver and customize the experience for a wide variety of organizations and audiences.



We have worked closely with the Ross School of Business to develop a fully tailored, annually recurring program for MBA and BBA students which includes, among other things, a 4.5-hour in-person workshop and individualized story coaching.

Although the program is offered outside the standard curriculum, it continues to grow year over year, and culminates in an annual sold-out storytelling event.



We worked to lightly tailor a 90-minute experience for a Minnesota software company’s general employee population.

The topic was chosen by employee demand and hosted by the organization’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee.


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