Stephanie and Kara change the hearts and minds of people all over the globe. They speak to small-group round-tables or large auditoriums with a compelling, highly interactive, way of delivering information. The two are available to speak individually or as a tag-team duo that’ll take your stage by storm.

Stephanie is spunky.

Stephanie is spunky.

Kara is heartfelt.

Kara is heartfelt.



Elevate Your Influence

Pull apart the components of influence, learn how each of them operate, and what you can do to increase your influence effectiveness now and in the future.


Super Powers of an Influential Storyteller

Discover and explore the four super powers that will transform you from a basic storyteller into one that can change the hearts and minds of your audience.


Fight Your Confidence Killers

Women are notorious for not putting themselves out there as confidently as men. We will achieve our full potential only when we learn to fight the confidence killers that hold us back. Together we discuss the things that erode our tenacity and ways to re-build the confidence we need to achieve the success we deserve.

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Comments from Clients

"Stephanie delivered her Fight Your Confidence Killers talk to the Fort Collins chapter of Women Who Code last week. Her talk was engaging, interactive, and uniquely addressed some of the issues that women in programming face. She transformed what could be a passively-absorbed speech into a dynamic and interactive discussion that engaged all the members of our group. During the event, her guidance allowed everyone in the room the opportunity to open up about their personal confidence challenges and identify specific steps for how to overcome them. We look forward to having Stephanie back for additional programming in the future."
         -- Lindsay Hohn, Co-Director, Women Who Code, Fort Collins, CO