Discover Our Values

Discover Our Values

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  • Discover what values are and why they’re important for organizations. 

  • Explore our organizational values and how they impact and shape the way we work together. 

  • Make a personal commitment to live the values and bring them to life. 

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This highly-customizable kit allows participants the opportunity to discover, explore, and discuss your organizational values. By exploring several workplace scenarios, they determine how the values should impact decisions and behaviors.

Standard Kit Materials

  • Facilitator Guide (1)

  • Table Discussion Guides (5)

  • Our Values Card Decks (5 Decks of 10 cards)

  • Our Mission cards (5 cards)

  • Living Our Values Card Decks (5 Decks of 14 cards)


  • Our Values card decks are customized to your organizational values

  • Our Mission cards are customized to your organizational mission

  • Living Our Values cards offer a wide variety of scenarios from which you pick the most relevant for your organization. 4 cards per deck are also blank for you to build in unique circumstances you’d like your participants to explore.

Meeting Flow

05 min


  • Orient participants to the materials. 

  • Establish role expectations. 

  • Set the context for the meeting. 

15 min

Discover Our Values

  • Consider the values on a personal level. 

  • Discover the organizational values. 

  • Consider the values on a personal level. 

25 min

Our Values, Our Organization

  • Connect the values to our mission. 

  • Explore common workplace scenarios and discuss how the values are relevant in each. 

05 min

Make It Real

  • Solidify the learning from the session. 

  • Further contextualize the concepts to the organization. 

10 min


  • Share main takeaways. 

  • Publicly declare personal commitments.