Own Your Future

Own Your Future

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Take a step back from your day-to-day experience, and think about the big picture of your life. In this experience we establish a baseline thumbprint of our lives today, decide what we’d like our lives to look like in the future, and choose a few things to do to close the gap between the two. Participants have the opportunity to deeply explore one specific area of their lives, so the session remains evergreen and running through the experience often can help participants develop a new level of mindfulness.

* Option to customize the experience to one specific area of life. Commonly, employers will focus the group on “Career”


  • Create a clear and compelling vision for your future.

  • Identify the steps that will get you there.

Standard Kit Materials

  • Facilitator Guide (1)

  • Individual Participant Workbooks (30)

  • Table Discussion Guides (5)

  • Vision: Good to Know card decks (5)

  • Life Area Prompts for brainstorming (30)

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Meeting Flow

02 min


Orient participants to the materials and set context.

08 min

Understand Vision

Discover the power of a clear vision of the future.

  • Group discussion

  • Self-discovery of data about visioning.

  • Draw conclusions about the power of vision.

10 min

Establish a Baseline

Evaluate all 12 areas of your life today.

  • Individual workbook activity

  • Draw a “thumbprint” of life today

  • Discuss where we’re fulfilled and where there are opportunities.

  • Choose one area of life to focus on.

30 min

Get Clear

Develop a detailed vision for it.

  • Work individually with a series of prompting questions to create a vision.

  • Partner activity to push visions to further clarity and specificity.

10 min

Make It Happen

Compare your life today with the life you want, and choose a few things to do to close the gap.

  • Individual action planning.

  • Group share-out of highest-priority actions.

  • Establish accountability mechanisms.