Own Your Future

Own Your Future

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Participants take a deep look at their lives today, determine what they want in their future, and decide on a few action steps to close the gap between the two. Because participants have the option to explore any area of their life in further detail, the session remains evergreen.


  • Create a clear and compelling vision for your future.

  • Identify the steps that will get you there.

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Facilitator Materials

Purchase one for each facilitator you plan to have run a meeting.

  • Facilitator Guide

Table Materials

One set of table materials is needed for every group of 5–6 people that will sit around a table together. These materials are reusable, so you only need to buy them once.

  • Table Discussion Guide

  • Vision: Good to Know Card Deck

Participant Materials

Every participant will need a set of these single-use materials to use during the experience. Materials are sold in sets of 6.

  • Participant Workbook

  • Life Area Prompts


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Meeting Flow


02 min


Orient participants to the materials and set context.

08 min

Understand Vision

Discover the power of a clear vision of the future.

  • Engage in dynamic group discussion.

  • Self-discovery of data about visioning.

  • Draw conclusions about the power of vision.

10 min

Establish a Baseline

Evaluate all 12 areas of your life today.

  • Complete an individual workbook activity.

  • Draw a “thumbprint” of life today.

  • Discuss where we’re fulfilled and where there are opportunities.

  • Choose one area of life to focus on.

30 min

Get Clear

Develop a detailed vision for it.

  • Work individually with a series of prompting questions to create a vision.

  • Partner activity to push visions to further clarity and specificity.

10 min

Make it Happen

Compare your life today with the life you want, and choose a few things to do to close the gap.

  • Individual action planning.

  • Group share-out of highest-priority actions.

  • Establish accountability mechanisms.

Customization Opportunities

  • Option to focus on one specific area of life. Employers commonly will focus the group on “Work.”

  • Option to adapt for undergraduate and graduate student audiences outside of an employment context.