Assert Yourself

Assert Yourself

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Assertiveness is one of the most effective influence pathways, and also the most under-used. Participants identify their unique comfort with assertiveness, the power of assertiveness as a tool for influence, and how to leverage it appropriately.


  • Explore what assertiveness looks and sounds like (when it’s appropriate and effectively used).

  • Discover practical tips to assert yourself in front of others.

  • Practice appropriate assertiveness.

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Facilitator Materials

Every facilitator who will run a meeting should have their own set of materials. Facilitators will want to mark up their materials, and can reuse them over and over again.

  • Facilitator Guide

Table Materials

You need one set of table materials for every group of 5–6 participants that will sit around a table together. These materials are reusable, so you only need to buy them once.

  • Table Discussion Guide

  • Facts Card Deck

  • Tips Card Deck

Participant Materials

Every participant will need a set of these single-use materials to use during the experience. Materials are sold in sets of 6.

  • Participant Workbook


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Meeting Flow


05 min


  • Start the meeting and set context.

25 min

Let’s Dive In

  • Explore what assertiveness is via a set of Facts cards, why it’s powerful and what it looks like in those around us.

  • Discuss effective and appropriate assertiveness and what to avoid when it comes to asserting yourself.

  • Discover practical tips to assert yourself in front of others.

20 min

Let’s Practice

  • Break into groups of 2 or 3 and practice using the assertiveness tips in a role play.

  • Opportunity for each participant to practice and then give and receive feedback from their partner(s).

05 min


  • Discuss key takeaways and insights from the meeting.