The Anatomy of Influence

The Anatomy of Influence

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Influence is a function of both Power and Pathway. Participants learn about all 9 power sources and 10 pathways, and explore how they can rely on these tools to become authentic sources of inspiration for their teams.


  • Explore the anatomy of influence.

  • Discover the 9 power sources that build an individual’s influence effectiveness.

  • Discover which influence pathways are more likely to lead to inspiration (vs. simple compliance).

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Facilitator Materials

Every facilitator who will run a meeting should have their own set of materials. Facilitators will want to mark up their materials, and can reuse them over and over again.

  • Facilitator Guide


Table Materials

You need one set of table materials for every group of 5–6 people that sit around a table together. These materials are reusable, so you only need to buy them once!

  • Table Discussion Guide

  • Power Sources Card Deck

  • Pathway Card Deck


Participant Materials

Every participant will need a set of these single-use materials to use during the experience. Materials are sold in sets of 6.

  • Participant Workbook


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Meeting Flow


05 min


  • Orient participants to the materials. 

  • Establish role expectations. 

  • Set the context for the meeting.

05 min

Explore the Anatomy of Influence

  • Explore the spectrum of influence outcomes and what takes one from manipulation to inspiration.

  • Identify the elements that make one influential - power and pathway.

  • Discuss what influence looks like at our organization.

20 min

Discover Influence Power

  • Explore the 9 sources of influence power and the relative effectiveness of each.

20 min

Discover Pathway

  • Explore the many ways one can influence others.

  • Identify which pathways lead to compliance and which lead to championship and inspiration.

05 min

Reflect With a Partner

  • With a partner, discuss what our own preferences are when it comes to influencing others and where our greatest opportunities lie.

  • Challenge each other to identify one action we can take to increase our inspirational capability.

05 min


  • Complete the experience.

  • Share take-aways.