Productivity challenges go beyond the oft-cited threat and temptation of the smartphone. Today’s leaders have a lot going on - they’re involved in their communities, actively pursuing a side-hustle or two, and engaged in their work but in and out of their “day job.”  The few who understand how to manage all their priorities, hold on to their sanity, and stay focused will stand out above the fray of the crowd.

Getting it done.

the essentials

At this workshop, we gather a group of the busy leaders, challenged by an often inspiring but always growing list of commitments and to dos.  Together, we:

  • Break down the competing priorities we’re trying to manage
  • Identify the activities that are most important and impactful, and elevate them
  • Discover a variety of tools for managing our full lives
  • Apply solutions to our real-world challenges
  • Build accountability mechanisms to stay on top of our game

Each participant leaves the workshop better able to manage their life and workload, get it done, and do it well.