Positively Deviant Culture


Even if you're not the "boss" on paper, you still have a path available to you to influence the culture around you and create a positive ripple effect. If done well, your positive culture vibes will enhance your own influence and leadership, make you more engaged and engaging, and increase the effectiveness of the people around you.


Positive deviance is intentional behaviors that go beyond the norm in honorable ways.
-- Spreitzer and Sonenshein

the essentials

Ready to be a positive deviant? This workshop gathers a group of entry or mid-level professionals and empowers them to lead a positive culture movement within their organizations. Together we:

  • Explore what positive deviance and positive culture are, and why they're powerful in today's world
  • Assess the current reality at our own organizations, and evaluate where our cultures live on the positivity spectrum
  • Identify opportunities to shift the culture towards positive deviance
  • Explore our role as leaders and models of the new norms we're trying to create
  • Develop an implementable plan to bring our positive deviance to life