Refine Your Personal Brand


Personal brand is often neglected as a influence power source. Instead, we try to force ourselves into a box that we perceive will make us more successful, or we tamp down our unique strengths for the sake of elevating other personal qualities.

Our ability to show up authentically and powerfully impacts our own productivity and engagement, as well as those of the people around us.

In this experience, participants create a clear picture of how they want to live, work, and lead, and establish behaviors and routines that empower them to show up as the best versions of themselves.

The workshop typically runs about 3 hours. We start with an overview of personal brand and explore a framework for how to think about it in a structured way. Then we discuss the challenges and opportunities we face in showing up authentically in a world that leans toward conformity or picture-perfect representations of who we SHOULD be.

The bulk of the experience is spent examining different ways of being, and identifying the ways that are personally most resonant for each of us. We collaboratively generate ideas for how we might more fully be - and be perceived - a certain way.

We finish by creating an action plan for how to build our personal brands both in how we show up and how we show off.


"Feeling Prepared"

"The personal brand workshop allowed me to feel prepared to dive-deep in creating my personal brand and equipped me with the necessary tools to feel confident doing so."

-- Colleen Hill, MBA Student

"Guided Reflection"

"I appreciated the guided reflection time which really helped me be intentional about my plans to present my personal brand."

-- Rachel, MBA Student