Own Your Future


Employees who take charge of their own development and careers are better appreciated by the organizations, and more effective at achieving success.

Professionals that have a clear vision for their career that is firmly rooted in what is important to them and the difference they want to make, can confidently step into the role they have now, and the one they want in the future.

This workshop is designed for men and women who want to take control of their personal and professional development and step into a mindset fit for the role they want.

In this session, we uncover the importance of having a Vision and explore the steps to creating a compelling one. Then we complete a diagnostic that establishes a thumbprint of our lives today, which we use to identify areas for renewed focus or a shift in perspective.

The bulk of the workshop is spent developing a compelling Vision for one or more areas of life with the help of a plethora of probing questions and interactive partner work. Then we identify a personally relevant reason to achieve that Vision.

Before walking out of the experience, participants develop a short- and long-term action plan with steps that easily integrate into every day life. This action plan can serve as a tangible accountability tool and way to extend the experience well beyond the time-limit of the workshop.

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The workshop created an uplifting environment where we all opened up about what we fear and collectively brainstormed ways to beat fear. I'm leaving the event with a list of ideas that I can't wait to try out!

-- Jenny, MBA Candidate, 2019


It was great to do this workshop in the company of other women. It's nice to know I'm not alone."

-- Rachael E, MBA Candidate, 2018