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Transforming people into inspirational leaders

Corporations and NonProfit Organizations

Influence at Work


Simply put, we empower leaders to be influential.


Strategy Implementation

About 90% of new strategies fail, and that’s usually because people aren’t engaged.

We help executives engage and inspire their people to take ownership of the business strategy and champion the new normal.


Leadership Pipeline

We help you develop your bench into people leaders who galvanize and inspire their team members.


“I brought in wolf & heron for our strategic planning meeting to help us make the connection between storytelling and building internal support for our goals. Kara and Stephanie took the time to understand our team's agenda and connected the Super Powers of an Influential Storyteller workshop to our goals to give us great ideas for how to use the Super Powers in our day-to-day roles at work. The workshop was fun, challenging, and a great team-building experience.”

Laura, Strategy Lead, NSF International


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