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Customized Programs

Motivated Employees


Employees are motivated when they understand how they can contribute to the priorities, objectives, and vision of the business.


What to consider

When employees are asked to get on board with a new set of priorities, objectives, or vision, they need to know:

  • Why am I being asked to do this? Why is this occurring? And why does this information matter?

  • What is the information? What is changing? What is new? What will go away?

  • How does this impact me and my direct experience?

  • Beyond that, each employee must understand the big picture.

How We can help

We leverage our meeting design know-how to create and deliver interactive experiences that drive the priorities, objectives, or vision throughout your organization. Employees are engaged in the why, what, and how in such a way that they come to their own conclusions about what needs to be done. It is only through these personal realizations that employees move beyond compliance into inspiration.

Wolf & Heron uses a unique approach that intentionally considers:

  • Adult learning best practices

  • Experience design strategies

  • Influence and inspiration tools and skills

  • Information processing needs

  • Your desired outcomes

Our experiences are intentionally designed with your employees at the center. Every solution is completely customized and uniquely suited to the business challenges being addressed.


Need your people to get on board?


Client Stories


Organizational Restructuring

The Sales Partnerships Group at Facebook needed to communicate the vision of the organization and how people must work together to the full group of 300 employees.

Wolf & Heron interviewed stakeholders throughout the business to identify success stories that illustrated effective collaboration and then designed a 75-minute bespoke experience that fit into an all-day organizational summit.

Employees were able to internalize the big picture of their organization and understand how they each play an important role in driving client success.


Custom Learning & Development

Indiegogo was looking to build a more robust learning and development offering for their growing workforce.

Wolf & Heron created multiple custom experiences for the company. One learning experience was a dynamic in-person all-company event. Another was a customized meeting kit that allowed for a standardized, repeatable, 60-minute learning moment.

With our help, Indiegogo is building a robust set of engaging learning experiences that will drive the desired leadership behaviors and collaboration techniques necessary for high growth.