The Influencer's Toolkit


Professionals of every skill and experience level can increase their power and effectiveness by leveraging the full breadth of tools and skills of influence.

Organizations thrive when their talent that does not rely on title or authority to accomplish their goals, but rather on the skills of influence that inspire their teams to take personal ownership of the goals and advocate for others to do the same.

This workshop is designed for organizations with employees who need to lead through influence (rather than authority).

In this session, we explore the anatomy of influence, and pull it apart into the many sources of power and different pathways that contribute to an individual's influence effectiveness, agnostic of title or authority. Participants complete a personal diagnostic that establishes an influence baseline, and highlights areas where intentional focus could increase personal influence without a change in title.

Participants are then offered the option to explore several different influence skills and tools, based on the results of their diagnostics. Multiple 30-minute skill stations provide participants a choice as to which skills they want to explore further, and create a safe space where they can work with others also interested in developing the same skill.

Recommended Format
 > 2 - 6 Hours *
 > 12 - 500 Participants

* Length of workshop depends on number of skills offered.


Amazing workshop filled with engaging activities and insight into tools we can apply immediately.

-- Jonathan Hyunh, Sr. Manager, Biz Ops