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Fundamentals of Inspiration


Develop an understanding of the levers of inspiration available to you no matter your title.

True inspirational leadership shouldn’t depend on title. Leaders that inspire others can exist throughout an organization.

Understanding how inspiration works, and the mechanisms we all have at our disposal, no matter our title, is critical to developing into a truly inspirational leader.


The Influence Spectrum


the looks and feel



The materials are designed to activate participant engagement, elevate the experience, and reinforce the learning.


The Influence Spectrum

Participants explore the influence spectrum and match influence scenarios to their location on the spectrum.


Influence Power

Participants learn the nine sources of influence power through a card activity and group discussion.


Influence Pathway

The 10 influence pathways are discussed, ranked, and paired with the relevant power source cards.


Skill Stations

The long-form version offers the opportunity to explore individual skill stations in more depth. Each skill has its own discussion card and worksheet to ground the learning.

 Evaluate your influence.


Formats and Outcomes

Short-Form Experience


2 hours

Activities & Outcomes

  • Explore the fundamentals of inspiration.

  • Complete a diagnostic to evaluate your current ability to inspire.

  • Discuss what inspirational leadership looks like at your organization.

  • Develop an understanding for how you can leverage your strengths to increase your ability to inspire others.

Long-Form Experience


4–6 hours

Activities & Outcomes

All the outcomes of the short-form experience plus…

  • Explore a variety of skill stations. Each is a 30-minute group activity that focuses on a specific skill. Each attendee can choose which to explore in more depth, offering a bespoke and individually relevant journey. Skills depend on room layout and participant headcount.

  • Develop an action plan for how you will increase your inspirational leadership today.

Customized Experience



Activities & Outcomes

  • Any combination of outcomes from any of the other formats.

  • Choice of skill station topics and count.

  • Discussion questions modified to suit organizational context or leadership behaviors.

  • Corporate logo and branding on materials.

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