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The Anatomy of Influence

  • VENUE Zurich 18 Grütlistrasse Zürich, ZH, 8002 Switzerland (map)

Explore the anatomy of influence, pulling it apart into the power sources and influence pathways impact an individual’s influence effectiveness. Power is what we come to the influencer’s table with; it’s the support system that sets us up as influential (or not) from the start. Pathway is the specific approach that we take once we know our influence objective and target. We will ground ourselves in the influence spectrum, and identify the specific behaviors and attributes to lead to inspirational influence in particular. Participants complete a personal diagnostic to establish an influence baseline and uncover areas where intentional focus could increase personal influence without a change in title or authority.

This workshop is offered in partnership with Product Academy, an international home of learning and development for Product Managers.

Who is it for?

  • Product Managers at all levels of the management hierarchy interested in being more influential from exactly where they are.

  • People who are looking for ways to be more inspirational to the people they work with.

Key Take-aways

  • There are nine influence power sources and ten influence pathways.

  • We can all work on building our influence power sources starting today.

  • Your strengths and opportunities in how you might influence others.

 What We Will Achieve

  • Discover the nine influence power sources that you can build starting today.

  • Understand the ten influence pathways, and the situations in which each pathway is particularly effective or ineffective.

  • Discuss influence in multiple contexts: inspiring your team, influencing your manager, building your professional influence outside of your organization

  • Identify your strongest power sources and pathway strategies.

  • Develop an action plan for further developing your influence power and skillset.


  • Group exploration and discussion of the power sources and pathways.

  • Personal diagnostic to evaluate your own influence effectiveness.

  • Interactive action-planning and accountability setting.

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