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Transforming people into inspirational leaders

Our customized, modular programs suit the unique pipeline and development needs of your organization.

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Customized Programs

The Right Program for Your Leaders


We leverage the best of our turnkey experiences and layer them with activities that deepen learning outside the in-person learning moments.


Module Components


Modules typically last for about a month. Each focuses on a specific skill by coordinating in-person workshops with on-the-job activities and one-on-one coaching.

In-Person Workshops

Our programs leverage in-person workshops designed to build connections, explore new information, and create a foundation from which participants can experiment with their new skills.

One-on-One Coaching

Each participant spends quality one-on-one time with a trained leadership coach to stay accountable, integrate the learning, and action plan.

On-the-Job Sustainment Activities

We integrate the learning into the everyday role of each participant. We maintain relationships with participants’ managers, provide checklists and reflection prompts, and stay connected to the group throughout the course of the month.


"Unlike other partners I have worked with, Wolf & Heron is very flexible and open to developing a uniquely customized program that addresses the specific needs of our participants."

Evan Marie Allison, Stephen M. Ross School of Business


Create the leadership development program that’s right for you.