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Fight Your Confidence Killers

Confidence Boost



People who suffer from Impostor Syndrome

Impostor Syndrome is the feeling that you’re actually a fraud, and not good enough for the situations you find yourself in.

In this program, we help you better understand your fears, identify what holds you back, and figure out how you can stand up to and fight against your confidence killers.


Sounds perfect. I’m in!


Who It’s For

This program is for you if you:

  • Say no when you should say yes.

  • Hesitate to reach out to other, “more important” people.

  • Avoid saying hello at a networking event.

  • Refrain from speaking up because you don’t want others to think you’re “stupid.”

  • Think you’re not prepared enough.

  • Don’t know how to get over the hump of your insecurities.

  • And you’re ready to face your fears and build your confidence.


What’s Included

  • 6 one-hour one-on-one coaching sessions.

  • 6 guided personal reflection workbooks.

  • 3 months of coach support.

  • Option to include manager engagement and touchpoint materials.


Convince your boss to pay for coaching!

Download a PDF to help you make your case.


Program Flow


Each module includes a personal reflection workbook and a one-hour phone call.



Welcome & Expectations

We start with the big picture. What are your goals and what does success in this program look like for you?



Who You Are

We give you what you need to get confident in Who You Are so that nothing can tear you down.



other people

We help you boost your confidence around Other People and surround yourself with people who can help you get what you deserve.



Making an Ask

It’s time to step up your confidence in Making an Ask. Learn how to say exactly what you want to say, and inspire people to listen.



Show up and off

We help you take your first steps to put yourself out there and confidently Show Up and Off. Figure out how to be your best self, no matter what, and make sure people take notice.



Impostor Syndrome

The last module is all about moving forward, recognizing and overcoming Impostor Syndrome. Take a look at one of the most common and insipid confidence killers and bring together all you’ve learned about confidence.


This is exactly what I need!