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Speaking Topics & Interactive Sessions

The Tools of Inspiration


Fundamentals of Inspiration

Develop an understanding of the levers of inspiration available to you no matter your title.


Influential Storytelling

Learn how to transform an anecdote into a story that will inspire your audience and lend you gravitas.


Building Consensus

Discover the facilitation skills that encourage productive idea exchange and stakeholder alignment.


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Inspiring audiences around the globe. 

A Dynamic Duo


Typical speakers rely on a slide deck, stand behind a podium, and spend most of the time, well, speaking.

When we speak, we keep things interactive and engaging. We lean away from the slide deck and toward hands-on materials and dynamic discussions. We share insights from our experience and background to ensure it’s an active–not passive–experience.

Stephanie is spunky.

Stephanie is spunky.

Kara is heartfelt.

Kara is heartfelt.


"Stephanie delivered her Fight Your Confidence Killers talk to the Fort Collins chapter of Women Who Code last week. Her talk was engaging, interactive, and uniquely addressed some of the issues that women in programming face. She transformed what could be a passively-absorbed speech into a dynamic and interactive discussion that engaged all the members of our group. During the event, her guidance allowed everyone in the room the opportunity to open up about their personal confidence challenges and identify specific steps for how to overcome them. We look forward to having Stephanie back for additional programming in the future."

Lindsay Hohn, Co-Director, Women Who Code, Fort Collins, CO


“When planning the Women in Conservation Leadership summit, we look for strategic partners who can think about the full story arc for the conference, and also be able to design, develop, and deliver content to suit various blocks of time in the agenda. We appreciated Wolf & Heron because they offered "plug-and-play" experiences and custom-built experiences to fit our content objectives. We were impressed with their ability to scale their experiences to a group of 300+ women and maintain the interactive, hands-on quality of their facilitation. We look forward to working with Wolf & Heron again in the future.”

Elizabeth Lillard, National Wildlife Federation, Women in Conservation Leadership Summit


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