What's a coach?

On a general level, coaches help their clients figure out what they want in their lives, and then help them go after what they want with intention, purpose, and focus. A coach supports clients who may be going through a career or life transition, want to fulfill a secret dream, want to spend more time and energy on what matters to them, or even determine what their life purpose truly is. At wolf & heron we each bring our unique approaches to coaching while staying true to the wolf & heron ethos and point of view. Stephanie specializes in personal power, courage, and impact, and is certified as a CPCC by the Coaches Training Institute. Kara specializes in authenticity, vision-crafting, EQ, and effective communication. We both ensure that our clients work towards stepping into the fullest version of themselves, as courageous, authentic leaders who can influence others from wherever they are.

What does a coach do?

As a coach, we provide support in a several ways. We ask provocative questions, develop challenges, brainstorm ideas, and offer structure and focus so the client can stay in action. We hold the client accountable between calls, and provide support as the client works towards his  or her goals.

How does a coaching relationship work, technically?

The general recommendation is we talk over the phone 2-4 times per month. The more often we meet, the shorter the phone calls can be. Generally, the approach is to talk for about 120-150 minutes a month, but every coaching relationship is a bit different and we can work out what makes sense for you. 

What do I get as the client?

The benefits of a coach can only truly be understood through experience - so if you're curious, do a 30-minute sample session with either one of us!  On a theoretical level, as a client you get a partner that helps you define and create your best life, support in taking action to achieve your goals, and access to our unique coaching techniques and tools.

What is a Sample Session?

Sample Sessions give you a chance to try out coaching with no commitment. The call is typically 30-45 minutes. During that time we spend 15-20 minutes having a coach-like conversation with you so you have a chance to feel it out and get a sense of our style. The rest of the time we answer any questions you might have about coaching, and share some of the different ways we've made the coaching relationship work for our clients.


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Kudos from Clients

"I got in touch with wolf & heron through friend's recommendation. I was dealing with conflicting interests, and although I'd never considered coaching before, our interaction proved to be very fruitful. The thoroughness of the commitment, her way to turn around problems, and her thoughtful questions really helped me construct a better understanding of my situation, and from there I was able to prioritize and feel more at ease with the decisions I made. I am glad to have been her client, and would definitely involve her again in the future if there were some knotty questions or situations I need to think through."

-- Benjamin S, Financial Trader, Barcelona

"I had an incredible journey with Stephanie. She helped me to clarify and set straight my life priorities. Now I know that I'm doing what's most important to me first and am able to be much more productive and relaxed."

-- Oxana M, Fashion Designer, Tokyo