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Workshop Spotlight

Building Consensus


Discover the facilitation skills that encourage productive idea exchange and stakeholder alignment.

Organizations can only be inspired if leaders can effectively drive towards alignment. The most common strategy for achieving consensus is by running a meeting, but only few leaders run these meetings effectively.

Building consensus is one of the most important skills a leader can develop to inspire their teams. Your leaders’ ability to drive a team or group of disparate stakeholders into alignment could be the key to inspiring your organization.


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Formats and Outcomes

Half Day Experience


3 hours

Activites & Outcomes

  • Explore the roadmap to planning an effective consensus-building meeting.

  • Learn how to consider your attendees’ perspective before and during the meeting.

  • Discover the go-to tools of a great facilitator.

Full Day Experience


6 hours

Activities & Outcomes

All the outcomes of the half day experience plus…

  • Experiment with the power of framing and setting context.

  • Explore activities rooted in design-thinking that collect multi-stakeholder voices (brainstorming, content synthesis and prioritization).

  • Discover the best practices for effective follow-up and follow-through.

Customized Experience



Activities & Outcomes

  • Any combination of outcomes from any of the other formats.

  • Modification to suit organizational context or specialized audiences.

  • Corporate logo and branding on materials.