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Mama-bear Values Discussion: Stability in Action

I love having discussions about Values with people because we often find there are several of us who share the same value, but those values show up very differently for each of us. Kara and I had one such discussion recently, and we discovered a fun little detail about our value of Stability. I don’t think either one of us would talk about Stability as a mama-bear value, but it’s definitely in the list of ones we think about. What was interesting for us, though, was what Stability looked like for each of us.

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Organizational values and personal values lead to a more organic culture

An organization informs its culture, in part, by developing a set of organizational values. In the words of HRr, “As Human Resource leaders, it’s our job to lead the business in defining the values it holds dear, translating those values into behaviors appropriate to each level of the organization…” We’ve spent some time recently (see here and here) describing the WHY, WHAT and HOW of values at the individual level and why knowing your values is critical to being an authentic leader.

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Becoming the Head B*tch in Charge™ means knowing your values

Leadership is a mindset, not a title. Nobody dons you a leader… they might give you a title, but we all know how little titles and leadership actually have to do with each other. Just recently one of our client's shared how excited she was that her company was going to launch a signature collection for the Japanese market as a result of her vision and influence. She didn’t have the authority to “make it so” with the stroke of her pen, but it was her initiative and leadership that brought it to life. Now she gets to have the opportunity of a lifetime to design the collection!

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