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Influence Pathway: Appealing to the Relationship AKA Who Would Take a Bullet for You?

When I first started thinking about influence and how it works, I was almost exclusively interested in how I could get lots of people I barely know to do something specific. Coming from a background in environmental stewardship, I had already tackled the challenge of trying to inspire entire organizations to use energy more responsibly, or getting voters to care about an issue and vote accordingly. When I thought about influence, it was about moving mountains.

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Why Fierce Leaders get Real

Have you heard of Brené Brown yet? If not, you’re lucky, because you have a whole wealth of insight, honesty and self-reflection in your future. Wolf & heron has an admittedly intense intellectual and authentic girl-crush on the scientist and empathy expert. But as I expect we’ll write a future post called, Why Stephanie and Kara love Brené Brown, we’ll save the heart eyes for later.

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