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Mama-bear Values Discussion: Stability in Action

I love having discussions about Values with people because we often find there are several of us who share the same value, but those values show up very differently for each of us. Kara and I had one such discussion recently, and we discovered a fun little detail about our value of Stability. I don’t think either one of us would talk about Stability as a mama-bear value, but it’s definitely in the list of ones we think about. What was interesting for us, though, was what Stability looked like for each of us.

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Mama-bear Values Discussion: How My Value of Adventure Shifted

We were recently Experts in Residence for the Bullish Society, a community that offers aggressive lady advice for people who want to do their own thing. For our residency, we focused on knowing your values, the cornerstone of being an authentic leader from anywhere on the totem pole of authority. The discussions we had there inspired Kara and I to re-examine our own values… because that process never gets old, and always yields some new insights.

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