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Becoming the Head B*tch in Charge™ means knowing your values

Leadership is a mindset, not a title. Nobody dons you a leader… they might give you a title, but we all know how little titles and leadership actually have to do with each other. Just recently one of our client's shared how excited she was that her company was going to launch a signature collection for the Japanese market as a result of her vision and influence. She didn’t have the authority to “make it so” with the stroke of her pen, but it was her initiative and leadership that brought it to life. Now she gets to have the opportunity of a lifetime to design the collection!

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What's Your Power Outfit?

We’ve all heard the expressions “dress for the job you want, not the job you have” or “look good, feel good” but we don’t really believe them (at least I didn’t). I was conflicted about wanting to look good and feeling guilty about wasting time focusing on “vanity” things like clothes and makeup. But, it turns out that there’s research out there that shows that what we wear affects our behavior, mood, personality, confidence, and how we interact with others.

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