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Why Fierce Leaders get Real

Have you heard of Brené Brown yet? If not, you’re lucky, because you have a whole wealth of insight, honesty and self-reflection in your future. Wolf & heron has an admittedly intense intellectual and authentic girl-crush on the scientist and empathy expert. But as I expect we’ll write a future post called, Why Stephanie and Kara love Brené Brown, we’ll save the heart eyes for later.

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Book Reaction: The Power of Habit

One of the anticipated joys of leaving graduate school was replacing all that time I spent reading burdensome required reading with exciting non-required reading instead. I have had mixed success with actually making this happen... though one might say I haven’t developed proper book-reading habits that support my desire to read more.

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Stay Fierce: explore and push boundaries

In childhood, exploration is encouraged and is exciting. Other children of the 90s will remember, “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?” or “Legends of the Hidden Temple” and other adventures. Today’s young blood are inspired by Dora the Explorer, Legos, weird ipad games, etc. etc. But in terms of adulthood, it’s pretty easy to trade in that ravenous curiosity for a staid interest in what you know well with maybe a few exceptions inspired by a good read, TED talk or friend’s forwarded article.

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People who have intention are Fierce

For a lot of people, “intention” is a word used in yoga class. It has a semi-spiritual undertone and feels a little too far on the oodgie-goodgie side of mindfulness for the average professional or young boss. I remember one of my early yoga classes where the instructor asked us to set an intention for the practice, and I looked at her like she was bonkers. Wasn’t the point of being in yoga to stretch out the kinks and work my core a little? What did I need an intention for?

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Leaders who bring the fun are Fierce

Fun is sometimes thought of as fluff, as extra, like the marshmallowy goodness I used to slather on top of my peanut butter and between my white bread when I was a child. Fluff is delicious, but you don’t want to have it every day.

At wolf & heron, we don’t consider fun to be fluff. For leadership to truly be Fierce, and create lasting change on the world, it has to come from a place of fun, and it needs to be consistent.

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