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How to Defeat your Credibility Crisis using Confidence

As we discussed earlier, many of us feel like imposters sometimes. We feel like we lack credibility and it holds us back from doing what we need to do.

Here’s what happens:

Because you don’t feel credible, you might not try for that opportunity staring you in the face. Instead of applying for that job or reaching out for an informational interview, you sit back, take an extra day to look at your LinkedIn profile. You wait another week, do some research and still feel inadequate. You finally get around to sending that email or picking up the phone and you’re filled with so much self-doubt that when you finally reach the person on the other side, your breath gets short, your heart rate speeds up, and your inner voice is saying, “Why do I sound so panicky?” And it’s all you can do to keep going when you feel like that person on the line is slowly hearing your crumble in real time.

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