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Connecting Quickly as a Panel Speaker

A few weeks ago, while at a conference, I had the pleasure of listening to a panel discussion entitled Women in Power. The panelists were all women in positions of relative power within their industry, and the discussion was about what it takes to achieve that kind of power - especially as a woman - and what to do with that power once it’s been earned.

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Salary Transparency and Assertive Women

I talk about “Women in the Workplace” a lot. I am one. It’s one of our programming areas at wolf & heron. And it’s something that happens to be coming up in the media a lot lately. Because of that, I’m looking back at my own professional experiences and trying to challenge my perspective of those experiences based on some of the discussions we’re having today.

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What's Your Power Outfit?

We’ve all heard the expressions “dress for the job you want, not the job you have” or “look good, feel good” but we don’t really believe them (at least I didn’t). I was conflicted about wanting to look good and feeling guilty about wasting time focusing on “vanity” things like clothes and makeup. But, it turns out that there’s research out there that shows that what we wear affects our behavior, mood, personality, confidence, and how we interact with others.

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How a major power outage calmed our pre-event jitters

Recently Stephanie and I travelled to Ann Arbor for an opportunity to deliver our Becoming the Head Bitch in Charge and Stories for Impact workshops to a room full of fierce women in business. We were psyched. It was going to be one of our first deliveries of these two workshops and on top of that, we found out we were over-registered by more than 50%!

Now, we’re both confident, empowered, dynamic ladies...but that doesn’t mean we don’t get nervous. Leading up to this date, we had a bit of the sweats, what I like to think of as super healthy anxiety. Steph described her body as “activated,” whatever that means. Our amazing friends, Kate and Lauren, had kindly offered us their guest rooms so that we could spend a few extra days in town (Steph and I are virtual and we take advantage of all in-person time together) without breaking our bank.

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