My Networking Manifesto

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Ugh. I recently had a horrible networking meeting. Even as someone who literally spends her life thinking about how to be influential, how to make a difference, how to have presence and gravitas, and bring people around to my side… even I have meetings that just don’t go all that well. And this one was one of them.

As a result of that terrible meeting, I wrote up a list of promises to myself to make sure I never have a meeting like that again. I figured I’d share it with you because maybe it will inspire you to make similar promises to yourself:

1. I will always read the LinkedIn profile of the person I’m meeting, and review their website ahead of our connect.

2. In my BuJo , I will write down the following:

  • What I want the person to know about me by the end of the meeting.
  • One way that I might be able to provide value to the person.
  • One thing about what the person does that I want to know more about.

3. I will focus on the WHY and the HOW of the person’s story, not so much the WHAT.

That last bit requires a bit of an explanation, so check out an article we posted a few weeks ago that goes into the difference between WHY, WHAT, and HOW questions. HOW questions are DA BOMB!

-- Stephanie Judd, Cofounder, wolf & heron