Why Values Matter to a Head B*tch In Charge

At wolf & heron, we’re all for leading from WHERE you are by knowing WHO you are… It can sound a bit hoaky.

The way we define WHO you are is largely by what you consider to be important… your values. Our values define our boundaries. A person that values family over work has decided that her relationships with her family members are more important to defining who she is than is her professional life. A person that values courage will more likely take risks or respect risk-taking behavior in others than someone who values security, perhaps.

So what? Once we know our values, how does that help us to lead from WHERE we are? The key there, is that once you know WHO you are, WHERE you are doesn’t matter. You don’t need a title or authority to have an impact… because you have a clear sense of how to prioritize, and where to set your boundaries.

Brené Brown (love shout out!) explains how setting boundaries effectively is the number one indicator of whether or not you can be generous and compassionate.

If you set boundaries effectively, you’re able to stay in alignment with your values all the time… and there’s no place more effective to lead from than a place of solid grounding in who you are. I know, it’s a bit circular… but that’s because it’s a positively-reinforced whirl of awesomeness. Let me bring it to life with a story that’s close to home.

Kara and I both value collaboration and fun in our WorkLife. But when we began our entrepreneurial journey, we were actually both working independently, as two separate startups. We found ourselves experiencing our own universe of isolation and a bit of a drudgery...which is really not supposed to happen for a startup. We decided to do a collaboration together and thusly was our first bomb-as-hell workshop born. We remembered our values, and it became clear that the only thing that made sense, would be to partner, and by partnering, we received the beaucoup rewards of more leads, more fun, more success and the joy of working together.

By standing in the truth of WHO we are, we were able to supercharge ourselves and our efforts, and we’re already seeing inroads into creating the impact we want to have in the world.

- Stephanie Judd, Co-Founder, wolf & heron

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