WWID 1: The Resting Power Pose


Stephanie and I are in the business of influence. We don’t claim to be the most persuasive people imaginable, but we’ve done a lot of work understanding and synthesizing the expertise around influence, so that we can take the best of the best and turn it into dynamic professional development experiences.

Recently, we led an experience called the “Influencer’s Toolkit” for an audience of professionals from a variety of organizations. Because we design our experiences to be light on facilitation and heavy on interactivity and engagement, there were several moments throughout the session when Stephanie and I were “at rest.” During this time, we observed the participants, called out reminders about time, chatted with each other, checked our email...

After the fact, when reflecting upon how we showed up, and the experience we delivered, we had a conversation about how influential we were in the moment. The conclusion was that maybe we weren’t as awesome as we could have been. It bothered me. That’s when I thought of a new wolf & heron practice: WWID. It stands for What Would an Influential person Do?

Here’s how the game goes…

At any moment in our WorkLife, Stephanie or I can say to the other, “WWID?” Then we have to act in a way that aligns with the research we’ve collected about influential people, instead of in our default no-thought-inertia mode.


Last weekend, when we were leading a group of professional women in a set of visioning exercises, we tried it out. I asked myself, “WWID?” and I created what I’m now terming the Resting Power Pose. Resting Power Pose is exactly what it sounds. It’s a stance that conveys power and presence that we can use during moments of rest in our workshops. I have my shoulders back, head up, hands at my waist, and eyes out. I noticed I was much less likely to passively observe or chat with Stephanie when I was channeling my Resting Power Pose.

By asking myself “What Would an Influential Person Do?” I changed my posture, I changed my mindset and I increased my presence and power.

What would you do differently right now if you were behaving like you’re already an influential person?

-- Kara Davidson, cofounder, wolf & heron