Becoming the Head B*tch In Charge


For many women, there comes a day when she desires to claim that power pose of hers and become the Head Bitch in Charge she always knew she could be. But there's no HBIC handbook, and it's not something that just lightbulbs into your brain. This workshop is designed to create a space where you can learn about and claim the HBIC mantle.


The illustrious Urban Dictionary defines HBIC as "Head Bitch in Charge."

the essentials

At this workshop, we gather a group of women on the cusp of awesomeness, with diverse ideas, perspectives and passions. Together, we:

  • Define what our inner HBIC is and what she wants
  • Explore our values and how they impact our choices
  • Craft a personal vision that we can own like a boss
  • Articulate our purpose and the difference we will make
  • Learn about influence and how to lead from where we are

Each participant leaves the workshop with a new set of champions by her side, increased energy for her own success, and a concrete plan to climb that ladder, shatter that glass ceiling, and lean in the way that SHE wants.