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Stephanie Judd and Kara Davidson met in 2010 while studying at the Erb Institute, a graduate dual-degree (MBA/MS) program at the University of Michigan.  After graduating, they solidified their friendship during hour-long commutes to and from work at a strategy implementation consulting firm. The pair founded wolf & heron to build immersive experiences that teach leadership skills with an authentic, "I get you" approach and voice.

Stephanie and Kara co-create and deliver experiences that develop and empower leaders at all levels.

Stephanie and Kara share a background in business strategy and change management consulting.  They have worked with organizations of all types, from Fortune 100 corporations to non-profits and small businesses.  At all these organizations, Stephanie and Kara have implemented systemic, cultural change at every level of the management hierarchy, and established routines that fuel the strategic priorities and augment the impact of the organizations.

Stephanie and Kara have cultivated deep expertise on a variety of topics related to organizational culture, leadership, and change, including:

  • Positive organizational culture and positive deviance
  • Organizational and individual behavior change
  • Employee engagement
  • Experiential learning design, self-discovery, socratic dialogue, and information processing
  • Storytelling and framing
  • Social and environmental sustainability
  • Servant leadership
  • High-performing teams

Wolf & heron is uniquely qualified to design experiences that are highly immersive, offering the next wave of leaders the opportunity to discover, share insights, and build capabilities in a fun, interactive way.

Stephanie and Kara are based out of Colorado and New York respectively, but deliver their workshops all over the world.

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Kara Davidson

Kara has over 10 years of professional experience that ranges from working at a small non-profit organization focused on driving behavior change within the public, to one-on-one consulting and advising of the corporate executive team of a national development company.  She has extensive experience engineering transformational change initiatives throughout global organizations with over 100,000+ employees.  She specializes in creating experiences that create positive culture, common vision, and behavior change and loves to explore ways to be positively deviant. Some clients she has worked with include the Dow Chemical Company and Pale Horse Vapors.

Kara holds a Bachelor of Arts from Tufts University, an MBA from the Ross School of Business, and an M.S. in Natural Resources and the Environment from the University of Michigan.

In her free time, Kara likes to bullet journal, leaf peep, plan travel adventures and hang out with family and friends in upstate New York.


Stephanie Judd

She has over 10 years of professional experience working with Fortune 100 businesses, grassroots non-profits, multinational NGOs and small businesses, spanning industries from retail to tech to manufacturing to healthcare and everything in between.  She has launched culture change initiatives across national and international franchise organizations several times.  She specializes in leadership development and high performing team dynamics, and spends most of her time coaching and advising executive teams.  Some clients she has worked with include Belk, Solo Cup, Environmental Defense Fund, Western Union, the government of Rwanda, and Dell.

Stephanie holds a Bachelor of Computer Science from Cornell University, an MBA from the Ross School of Business, and a M.S. in Natural Resources and the Environment from the University of Michigan.  She is also certified as a Coactive Coach by the Coaches Training Institute.

In her free time, Stephanie likes to rock climb, snowboard, and listen to TED talks in her home in Fort Collins, Colorado.